About Us

Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi - BHMS heads the Institute of Surecare Homeopathy takes care of the all clientele with utmost Care & Satisfaction. The masseurs and other Technical Staff are Professionally Trained, Certified and Well Experienced. The team maintains a close relationship with the clients and offer individualized Homeopathy Health Care with great attention to satisfy all customers.

Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi; has started Surecare Homeopathy, in the year 2007 with an aim to provide high quality Homeopathy Medicines -- Personalized, Compassionate and Purest Medicines to needy patients. His holistic approach enables him to create individualized programs, specifically tailored to your particular needs, integrating into your Homoeopathy Consultation, Nutritional and Life Style Counseling, depending on your specific situation. He is clinically trained to offer full Homoeopathy and personally guide and supervise your process throughout your Treatment.

Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi has been instrumental in spreading the awareness of Homeopathy & educating the masses through a Live Interaction Programme between the Doctor and the Patient in a Popular News Channel called Sakshi. He has published several articles on Homoeopathy. He has also participated in many Camps, where Free Consultation and Free Medicines were provided to Patients. He has put his vast knowledge to offer solutions to modern health problems effectively. He asserts that he will continue to perceive Homoeopathy throughout his life.

Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi has conducted around 300 free medical Homeopathy camps and 50 Free Homeopathy medicine distribution camps. Through this free camps he reached above 5,00,000 people and guided them for their health issues. He helped many people when the floods occurred in AP with the help of Sakshi TV. He also gave free medicine to many companies like Movie Artist Association, Gemini TV Employees, Bhima Cements etc.,

Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi Graduated in Homeopathy (BHMS) from NAGPUR COLLEGE OF HOMOEOPATHY, NAGPUR. Starting from 2nd year, during vacation he used to work under Renowned Dr .Yadagiri Reddy at ADRM Hospital, Hyderabad. He also worked as Junior Doctor under Dr .Yadagiri Reddy.

During his 3rdyear BHMS, he started Free HOMOEOPATHY clinic by the name of BABA Free HOMOEO Clinic and served freely to poor people in slum areas and cured Acute & chronic dreadly cases. Dr. Rajashekar Bogadi is a college toper when he is in 3rd year. Moreover, he is a Subject wise topper in Surgery, Gynecology & Opsthatrics. He is a college toper in his Final year. Subject wise topper in Medicine & Homoeopathic Material medical. During his internship he worked as junior doctor, under famous dermatologists, pediatricians etc.

During internship he did research and survey for WHO under the guidance of AVERT SOCIETY on Venereology & AIDS in Nagpur Dist.

After completion of his internship, he started his career at Baksons Homeopathy, Delhi. He became Head of Baksons, Hyderabad Branch. During epidemics of Chikenguniya around Mahabubnagar Dist he started distribution of free homeopathy medicine to more than 10,000 people in and around Mahabubnagar. After completion of his 3 years service at Baksons, he started his own clinic Surecare Homeopathy.

Surecare Homoeopathy, Srinagar Colony, Hyderabad, has been in the Health Care Service since 2007 and is working for the propagation of Homoeopathy worldwide. His Goal is to help spread the ancient wisdom of Homoeopathy through our Treatments and Services & Research. He also involved in formulating and developing special medicines for medically challenged and chronic debilitating diseases and disorders.

He has been practicing this system of medicine through Research and Development with sincere care and have been appreciated by different celebrates from different Fields. His Institute is running in a very professional way with no compromise on Quality or Service.

He is into extensive research with Clinical Trials in all the areas of Homoeopathy. He is concentrating more on the Diseases like: Eczema, Psoriasis, Tonsillitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Back Pain, Migraine, Constipation, Piles, Peptic Ulcer, IBS, Acidity/ Gas, Thyroid, Infertility, Fits, Insomnia, Sexual Problems, Cancers, Psychiatric Disorders, Neurological Disorders, Children & Women Disease etc.

He is also coming out with a full- fledged, Specialty Research Wing in the coming Years.

Team Of Doctors

1. Dr. Baskar Bomma

2. Dr. Ravi Bomma

3. Dr. Ramchandra Reddy - BHMS

4. Dr. Vindya - BHMS

5. Dr. Reka Rani - BHMS, PG London

6. Dr. Ramakrishna Badagala - BHMS, MD